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Rank well on the search engines

You want to rank well on the search engines, but you need to ask yourself: why should you rank well? It’s more obvious why you want to rank well: you want to spread the word on something that is important to you you want more visitors you want to change the world or maybe you [...]

Full speed publishing.

Have you tried to build website pages the ‘old way’? if you do, you know it requires your HTML skills/publishing software, an image editing programs and FTP client to upload pages to your server – then you’ll begin the long process of create, save, upload, check, tweak, save, upload HTML pages. With blogging, you can [...]

No waiting on your webmaster.

How much time have you spent waiting on your webmaster? With your own blog, you don’t have to waste your time yourself anymore. Imagine a blog to be a CMS that was developed by people who hate to waste time as much as you do. Just login into your blog from anywhere in the world, [...]

Express yourself.

Have you always wanted to express yourself in music, arts, video, politics, religion, business, family? Now you can – easily with free WordPress Blog. Whether it be in text, video, photos or audio, you can enjoy the freedom to do so -blog about it!

Quick Tips to Get Started Blogging With Your WordPress Blog!

You want to start blogging, but how does this whole blog thing work? It really isn’t difficult at all. Here are 7 easy and quick tips to get you started. 1. Even if you don’t have your own hosting account and domain you can get a free WordPress blog at the Blogetery site. It will [...]