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Police claim Zach Randolph invited a drug dealer to his party gone wrong

Here’s the good news. Portland area police say they believe that Memphis Grizzlies forward (and sometimes Portland resident) Zach Randolph did not beat a suspected drug dealer over the head with a pool cue over the weekend . Beyond that?

Earmoths! Matt Holliday leaves game after bug invades ear

Of all the various afflictions that have sidelined big league ballplayers this season, there isn’t one that will leave you more squeamish than what happened to Matt Holliday on Monday night. The St. Louis Cardinals outfielder was just minding his own business in Busch Stadium’s left field when a moth flew into his right ear and refused to come back out

Tip Drill: No need to get cute with SOS, bye weeks

Today’s tippage is simple and to the point, but it’s worth saying once a summer. Take off the binoculars forget about looking deeply into the rear-view mirror. When it comes to optimum fantasy football management, you want to focus on current lay of the land as much as possible.

Hot/Not: Kyle Busch is hot now; will it last?

Rain drops were avoided all around NASCAR this weekend while hair pulling became a pit road sport. Meanwhile, two Joe Gibbs Racing teammates are heading in opposite directions.

Seeing Club Red: Panthers fans irate over ticket price hike

As eviction notices go, this one was a charmer. It was a personalized letter from Michael Yormark, president of the Florida Panthers , that began with hopes that the summer had been wonderful and that the Panthers fans receiving the correspondence would be ” FIRST TO KNOW ” (all caps, bolded) about “the most significant and innovative renovations in BankAtlantic Center history.” For the Panthers, a team that’s had its share of novel marketing gambits , it was certainly innovative: “Club Red,” an “ultra-premium, all-inclusive” seating area that includes VIP parking, a plush lounge and bar experience, as well as “premium lower bowl seats” for every game, concert and show held at the arena. It was also certainly significant if you were a Panthers season-ticket holder in Sections 101, 102 and 134 … because you just saw your annual fees more than quadruple, forcing you to decide whether to pay up or relocate to another section in the arena.